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The purpose of genetic research is to develop hybrids with higher yields, improved feed value, and understand the utilization of traits to achieve resistance to insects, drought and diseases.

Top 5 Research Program

AgReliant Genetics’ research program is among the top five in North America because of our unique, aggressive approach to develop the best hybrids for our customers. Our access to research and breeding locations through KWS and Limagrain spans the globe, and has helped us build one of the most competitive corn breeding programs in the industry.

Rely on Data and Evaluation

We evaluate thousands of new products each year through our testing network of over 550 NET (New Experimental Trial) plot locations across the Midwest and Canada. Our modern equipment, including custom 8-row planters and twin-plot combines, allows for precision planting in the spring and accurate data collection in the fall.

State-of-the-Art Breeding Technology

AgReliant Genetics uses one of the most advanced and efficient forms of double haploid (DH) breeding technology in the country, which brings our industry-leading genetics to growers quicker than the competition. In order to provide maximum flexibility for our customers, we extensively use molecular marker technology with a molecular marker lab located in Lebanon, Indiana.

National and Global Research, 365 Days a Year

Beyond the 13 research facilities we operate in North America, including stations in Puerto Rico and Canada, we conduct research in Argentina, Peru and Chile year-round to operate at maximum efficiency.

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