Reliable quality testing providing trusted seed solutions
AgReliant Genetics is home to one of the industry’s largest and most efficient quality labs in the U.S. Our products are assessed through over 30 different quality tests including warm and cold germination, purity analysis and electrophoresis.


In total, our quality assurance lab performs 190,000+ tests and analyses annually in order to provide the best products for our customers’ acres.

We can be confident in the purity of our products through testing the DNA using modern PCR techniques.

At AgReliant Genetics, we really do go above and beyond standard purity checks for our customers. We perform grow-outs, which involves growing plants in the field until we can distinguish one seed variety from another. Utilizing electrophoresis testing, which separates the proteins of plant material based upon electric charge, we can identify the unique ‘fingerprint’ of each product variety. This fast and economical quality assurance technique, along with product grow-outs, helps us verify that the products sold to growers are consistent and reliable.



  • AgReliant Genetics is a member of Excellence Through Stewardship (ETS), a global not-for-profit organization that promotes the universal adoption of stewardship programs and quality management systems for the full life cycle of agricultural technology products. ETS assists members in the development or improvement of stewardship programs and quality management systems and then facilitates third-party audits to verify them.
  • Our processes and procedures have been approved by the USDA through their Process Verified Program. This certification recognizes the strength of our quality management system for testing each product.
  • Our team includes accredited seed graders, registered seed and genetic technologists – certified through the Society of Commercial Seed Technologists.
Soybean seedlings on white background. Young Soya bean plants, sprouts and leafs of germinated Glycine max, a legume, oilseed and pulse. Cotyledons with first single blades. Front view. Macro photo.


AgReliant Genetics is always looking for individuals who are committed to helping farmers grow. We offer many rewarding quality assurance related career paths, including training and advancement options. Visit our Careers page to learn more about working at AgReliant Genetics and to see our current list of opportunities.